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About myself in 7 "I"
I am an artist.
This is a great responsibility, however, I gladly took it.
My works are a new world for me and you.
Yes, I create it, but observing it is always exiting.
Artist is a guide. My religion is universe.
If i am a part of it, then my paintings are symbols of it. 
The light is important to me: the light of impressions, the perception of the light. It is important to reflect this light on my canvases. 
My oeuvre is close to everyone. If you are kind, know how to be happy, to be surprised, learn how to love and believe, then you have the way to my art open.
I don't know how many times I have externalised myself, but I learnt that the art in immortal. It was, is and will be there forever. 
And, modestly, I'm the hero of my studio.

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